An orthodontist is a dental specialist who treats patients with improperly positioned teeth. The orthodontist also treats and controls facial growth and the shape and development of the jaw. The orthodontist also treats all sorts of maxillofacial problems and structural issues.


There are a number of tools as well as equipment that an orthodontist uses in their work. Learning to use these tools effectively and skillfully is important in the treatment of patients’ problems. Some of these tools are fixed while others are movable. Here is a look at some of the tools used by orthodontists.

The Band Pusher

This is an instrument used to apply direct pressure to bands during seating or fitting. The band pusher has serrated ends to prevent the pusher from slipping off the band material. The orthodontist should not apply too much pressure as this may result in slippage. The bite stick can instead be used for the final seat to avoid damaging mouth tissue and hurting the patient. The band pusher can also be used for the removal of uncemented bands during fitting.

Bite stick

The bite stick is a tool commonly used by orthodontists to place bands on teeth. This stick is used to push the metal band into the teeth. The round bands are designed according to the shape of the tooth so they fit perfectly. The patient is also able to bite down the rings into position with the aid of the bite stick. Most of these sticks used by orthodontists are made from hard plastics or steel.

The cap removal tool

The cap removal tool has hooked tips which are placed on a blade handle. They are then used to convert molar tubes into brackets. This tool is used when the arch wire bend is necessary between the molars and during insertion of rectangular arch wires into molar tubes. Different tips can fit on this tool so choice of tool will depend on application. The orthodontist needs to apply a can opening motion when using this tool.

Bracket removing pliers

These pliers are designed for removal of brackets. The tie wings of the bracket are grabbed using the beaks and then twisted. There are some motions best suited for using these pliers such as the gingival incisal and the incisal gingival. The bracket removing pliers are very efficient when it comes to removal of anterior and posterior bonded brackets. They can also be used for the removal of IP ceramic brackets where there is indirect bonding with the pads. Care needs to be taken not to distort the tie wings.

Orthodontic brackets

The orthodontic bracket is usually attached to the bands that are used by the orthodontist to align teeth. This bracket is very important in guiding the teeth into alignment by positioning a wire through the bracket holes then running the wires across the bands along the brace. A bird break tool can be used to bend the wire when the need arises. These are some of the important tools regularly used by orthodontist as they work to treat their patients.