Orthodontic braces are one of the most effective ways to make teeth aligned and straight. This is a very common method used by dentists to give people that nice smile and confidence. Metal is one of the most common materials used to make braces and other orthodontic equipment. This is because stainless steel is cheap and durable. Unfortunately it comes with disadvantages such as stretching and general discomfort. This has challenged manufacturers to develop metal braces that are better quality and stronger. The newly developed metal equipment are more long-lasting and clean.

orthodontic archwire

Orthodontic Archwire

How Manufacturers Make Metal Braces Better

1. Metal alloys

Most braces and orthodontic equipment are metal alloy based. This makes them stain resistant, durable and very strong. The alloy is silver in color and smooth.

2. Noble Alloy

Noble alloy means that the steel is mixed with other metals such as gold and copper in the production process. These other metals make the piece even stronger and more durable. Noble alloy based material is good for those people who are allergic to metal because gold and copper is better tolerated by the body. These types of bridges are beautiful, smooth and tough. It’s even easier to clean them than metal braces.

3. High Noble Alloy

High noble alloy based braces and equipment are made with more gold, copper or titanium than steel. This means they are stronger, durable and can withstand high pressure. They also don’t bend or loosen up in time like stainless steel braces.

4. Removable aligners

In recent years, manufacturers have come up with braces and aligners that can be removed every now and then without having to go to the dentist. This will enable the patient to eat, brush and floss without them and then put them back.

Orthodontic maintenance is becoming better and easier by the day. There is scientific research and developments being overseen in this area to make the equipment more durable, comfortable and clean.