Material Use Impacting Orthodontic Hygeine

Properties Of Orthodontic Archwire

You might be more familiar with the term braces. An orthodontic archwire is the piece of metal attached to braces that curves around your teeth. As you can imagine, not any piece of metal will be suitable for this due to the humid conditions of the mouth. Furthermore,...

Common Terms In Orthodontistry

Common Terms In Orthodontistry

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who treats patients with improperly positioned teeth. The orthodontist also treats and controls facial growth and the shape and development of the jaw. The orthodontist also treats all sorts of maxillofacial problems and...

Common Terms In Orthodontistry

Orthodontic Wire – An Overview

Introduction The effectiveness of orthodontic movement involves the adequate interaction of factors related to the patient, mechanics, teeth and periodontal supporting structures. The outcome of treatment is particularly dependent upon the action of the orthodontic...