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A J Wilcock - Australian Wire
A.J. WILCOCK PTY. LTD. was founded in 1946 by the Late Arthur J, Wilcock (Senior) who had previously been employed at the Melbourne University Metallurgy School. He involved himself in many war time research projects such as Tungsten wire production from the ore Wolframite.

The earlier years saw the main thrust of the Company involved in the manufacture of metallurgical research equipment. A spin off from this era was the development of high tensile Stainless Steel wire for bite opening purposes and auxiliary devices used in orthodontics.

Today, A.J. Wilcock Australian Wire is an international household word in orthodontics and sets the standard against all other stainless steel orthodontic round or rectangular wires.

The Company’s product range also includes; Orthodontic Springs, Preformed Arch Wires, Variable Cross-Section Wires and the unique (Pulse Straightened) Straight Lengths of wire for unmatched resiliency and smoothness.

A.J. Wilcock. Australian wire has now moved premises, and has been brought under the umbrella of Webster and Horsfall Ltd its long time raw material supplier. The purpose of this merger is to continue the produce Australian wire to the highest standards using the same machinery, materials and techniques.


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A J Wilcock world famous “Australian Wire”

Although our wires have been imitated by many manufacturers over the years, A J Wilcock Australian wire remains the global market leader in high tensile stainless steel archwires.

For over fifty years, “Australian Wire” has been a household name in orthodontics. The extraordinary properties of these wires are due to the research and fine engineering skills employed in the processing of the wires. Wilcock wires are well known for their resilience and ability to withstand masticatory forces as well as being able to maintain their shape even when auxiliaries and elastics are used. There is no other wire which opens the bite as effectively as Wilcock wire.