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Wilcock Mini-Springs are world famous for their ability to upright teeth due to the built in superior energy storage capacity wire processing and its unique design. The
Mini-Springs are easy to insert and do not irritate the lips. Available with short or long legs.

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Mini Springs formed from “Supreme” Wilcock wire.

Product No.QuadrantWire SizeLength of Leg
222-170Lower Left C/Clockwise0.010”Short
222-171Lower Right Clockwise0.010”Short
223-170Lower Left C/Clockwise0.010”Long
223-171Lower Right Clockwise0.010”Long
222-174Lower Left C/Clockwise0.011”Short
222-175Lower Right Clockwise0.011”Short
222-176Lower Left C/Clockwise0.011”Long
222-177Lower Right Clockwise0.011”Long
333-190Lower Left C/Clockwise0.010”Long
333-191Lower Right Clockwise0.010”Long
333-192Lower Left C/Clockwise0.010”Short
333-193Lower Right Clockwise0.010”Short

Uprighting Springs formed from “Premium Plus” Wilcock wire.

Product No.QuadrantWire SizeLength of Leg
222-113Lower Left C/Clockwise0.012”Short
222-114Lower Right Clockwise0.012”Short
222-143Lower Left C/Clockwise0.012”Long
222-144Lower Right Clockwise0.012”Long
222-115Lower Left C/Clockwise0.014”Short
222-116Lower Right Clockwise0.014”Short
222-145Lower Left C/Clockwise0.014”Long
222-146Lower Right Clockwise0.014”Long

Universal Vertical Slot Uprighting Springs

Product No.QuadrantWire SizeLength of Leg